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What To Do

Family Friendly Beaches

Coastal holidays are all about beaches and we have some of the finest on the coast. From fun activities to lazing and relaxing on the sandy stretches we have a beach to satisfy the entire family, each with its own unique features.

A Carnival Of Retail, Entertainment, Beauty & Health

If you are not taking in our magnificient beaches, then experience the bustle of our retail world, day and night entertainment or the relaxation and healing of our health and beauty spas.

A Spirit of Adventure

Now, if you’re not the type to go sky diving in your business suit… we get it, but we’ve got something for everyone to try here on the North Coast. From cycling to night snorkeling to microlighting, you can plan quite a holiday that will refresh and rejuvenate you. Let’s go off the beaten track.

What’s Your Handicap?

The golf course – the place where deals are clinched while enjoying a good glass of wine and an african sunset. Here on the north coast, golf is our way of life.