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Clearly constituted governance frameworks and structures enable Enterprise iLembe to operate within defined parameters. The Chairperson of the Board and all other Non-Executive Directors / Board Members (with the exclusion of the Chief Executive Officer), are classified as Non-Executive Directors. There is a clear distinction of powers, functions and roles of the non-executive members (which include the Chairperson) and those conferred on the Chief Executive Officer by law and though delegation. All Directors are enjoined to execute their legal duties in a professional manner, with integrity and utmost good faith. The Board of Directors is collectively accountable for the leadership and oversight control of management actions in Enterprise iLembe.

Its responsibilities include the development, review and monitoring of strategic objectives, the approval of budget expenditure, risk management and monitoring of operational and financial performance. The Board of Directors contracts with the Shareholder, through an annually approved Shareholder Compact. The Chief Executive Officer, as the Accounting Officer, is accountable to the Board for the successful implementation of this compact and the overall performance of the Entity and is also required by law to account to various other stakeholders on behalf of the Entity.

Audit Committee Charter

The purpose of these terms of reference is to set out the Audit and Risk Committee’s role and responsibilities, as well as the requirements for its composition and meeting procedures. This is done in accordance with the applicable National and Local Government Legislation and Regulations.